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Machine Learning

ML is a part of our lives in more ways than we realize. From driving cars to speech recognition, there are umpteen areas of human life that Machine Learning has simplified. We at Broadgate have successfully implemented Machine Learning software solutions to enable businesses to improve their business model.


SOA - Enterprise Technology

SOA enables companies to scale and manage their applications with shared infrastructure and documentation. Through our SOA-based enterprise technology, we help organizations to reduce data loss. Reliable, scalable, agile, and location-independent are a few benefits of choosing our innovative technology solutions.


Quality Assurance & Testing

At Broadgate, we offer a wide range of QA and testing services across multiple platforms and focus on providing our business partners with a complete testing life cycle experience.



The expert team at Broadgate uses the most updated version of Python to build and implement data-rich applications. At Broadgate, we use Python for a variety of solutions ranging from web development to network programming.


Artificial Intelligence

The Deep Learning training course offered at Broadgate helps professionals learn about neural networks, logistic regression, binary classification, and vectorization that will help them work on the cutting-edge technologies of AI.


Application Development

We understand the significance of "Big Data" in today's business world. That is why at Broadgate, we design solutions that help your business with real-time business insights. From data mining to every other solution, we enable companies to perform efficiently with a complete transformation.


Disaster Recovery Management

Data loss due to data corruption, virus attacks, physical damages, human errors, network issues, and other natural catastrophes not only cause financial losses, credibility and legal hassles are also a part of it. In addition, service delivery and data compliance further add to the challenges. That is

Broadgate's cloud-based disaster recovery solution is an entirely customizable, compliant, and highly secure solution for disaster recovery. In addition, the web-based portal offers a single pane view of the entire infrastructure. As a result, you do not have to worry about any downtime in the business-critical operations and enables a smooth recovery


International and domestic outsourcing

People are at the heart of every organization. However, onboarding the required skill at the right time is an ongoing challenge for every business. Outsourcing a few job functions and not worrying about them does wonders to the efficiency of an organization. Broadgate helps manage your hiring needs for a variety of skills/ functions.

While outsourcing enables businesses to concentrate on what matters most to them, it has also become a vital part of the business since outsourcing offers multiple benefits like cost efficiency, improved growth, and improved domestic economies and international trade


Custom software development

Developing software to address a variety of mundane and strategic problems is an excellent way of utilizing technology. However, technical capabilities, cost, and maintenance can be a challenge for most businesses due to which design and development may be a challenge. Therefore, we will manage the customized software development so that you can focus on the core matters of your business.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

The changing business landscape calls for higher quality and cost-efficient products and services. Robotic process automation enables businesses to optimize their resources and redefine work processes.

The Blue Prism software developed by Broadgate adheres to a multi-environment deployment model that enables both physical and logical access controls. UI path enables organizations to design, deploy, and manage a robotic workforce to manage rule-based tasks through its comprehensive and fully integrated platform.

The Automation anywhere software enables businesses to automate the entire process by deploying the digital workforce through software bots.


Cloud Computing

Need help to understand what does Broadgate does to help their clients through cloud computing.